Amor Cacao – Love Chocolate x

I’m writing because I’m currently creating an online course guiding people through the power and potential of Cacao, how we can discover our highest potential and step into our power when working with Cacao. And I felt inspired to share a bit about my story and journey with Cacao x

I set up my little Cacao venture back in 2014 upon returning from Guatemala where I discovered Cacao and had the most profound experience with it. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and kept being told there was nothing that could be done with the constant excruciating pain and fatigue and face facts. I refused to accept this and the warning I was given that If i kept being so active I could end up in a wheelchair, refused all the drugs they advised I should have and decided to search for answers.

I went on a long 10 week retreat expedition around Guatemala and we were introduced to a shaman who worked with Chocolate.

I was quite apprehensive at first as to how essentially drinking hot chocolate could help – but I learnt the power of pure raw chocolate when ingested in a ceremonial way. And under the guidance of the shaman, I had huge insights and realisations about the pain, it’s origin and worked on releasing the emotions beneath the pain. It was unbelievable, and coming from a very scientific and medical background, as an anaesthetic and surgical specialist – it really opened my eyes to what could be possible. Moving me from putting people to sleep for a living to literally waking them up to the power and potential that they hold!

My work with cacao as the #chocolatecoach

I lived in Guatemala for over a year working with the cacao shaman – sometimes three times a week, ceremonies that lasted for up to five hours. And then I started to learn how to help others with it – so when I returned to the UK I shared these insights through my own cacao coaching workshops I created. And they were so powerful and transformational, they grew to the point where I was living my dream life through sharing these – running my own retreats in Guatemala and Ibiza, and sharing the workshops at festivals and even being flown out to others retreats in beautiful parts of the world.

Fast forward 9 years, and I am now a life coach specialising in mindset and human potential. Returning to the UK after a year working with the shaman and this amazing plant medicine – I returned a totally different person. Lighter, happier, awake. Minus all of the fear, stress, emotional heaviness and weight I’d been carrying around for years and so I trained as a life coach, specialising in group coaching, positive psychology, health and wellbeing and later on, hypnotherapy.

I have been so blessed to not only experience my life change working with Cacao, but also be able to guide so many others to achieve the same for themselves. I love how empowering it is – that once you learn how to work with it, and develop a self practise to keep evolving and growing into your most empowered self. I have shared my Cacao process to hundreds of people on my own Transformation retreats, flown out to others retreats around the world, at many festivals – including being the first to bring it to Glastonbury and now part of the healing fields every year.

My passion sharing about Cacao led me to be known as the Chocolate coach, and I love hearing how people continue to use my process to make the transformation in their lives.

I help my clients dream big, create goals to achieve their dreams and get their inner world in alignment with this. Working on releasing any resistance, blocks, beliefs, old habits and behaviours that have been holding them back from achieving this. To live a life without limits, experience real happiness and fulfilment that lasts.

Alongside my coaching methods, the two techniques I use to get my clients the transformation they are looking for are hypnotherapy and Ceremonial cacao.

I created a process that I share in my cacao ceremonies, retreats and 1-1 clients that I’m now sharing in my upcoming online course – to get the breakthrough you need in order to shift your life to your highest potential.

My mission working with cacao is to assist people in connecting to their inner voice, who they really are beneath all the self doubt/ opinions/ thoughts etc, through working with their subconscious/ higher self. This, I believe, is the only way to really change old habits or behaviours we feel are holding us back, and to be our best self and most empowered self.

My clients work with me to get more clarity within their life, to increase their confidence and self-belief, to work on self-love and fully believing in themselves – as this is needed to be successful in all areas of your life – be it in business, love and relationships, health… Otherwise there will be resistance and worse sabotage – where we get so close and then knock ourselves out of the way with old thoughts and patterns.

I’m passionate about working with people to realise their true potential, as we are all gifted and unique in our own way. I love to work with the concept of law of attraction and manifestations, backed up with science – as I really believe if we change our thoughts – we change our reality!!

If you have never been to one of my ceremonies, this is the intention behind them, each person sets their intentions of what they want to work with – to perhaps heal, release old limiting beliefs or recurring behavioural patterns that are holding them back. To gain clarity, guidance and insights, or connect to their creative flow and explore their imagination.

I have seen so many amazing breakthroughs working with cacao, such beautiful shifts. And of course, there’s the fact that Cacao is a superfood – nutrient rich and having so many amazing benefits on the mind and body!

Cacao is what we know to be chocolate, except the chocolate we have now has virtually no actual chocolate in it – it’s full of sugar and milk. And even most of the dark chocolate bars we get in the shops undergo so much processing it destroys the raw plant chemicals found in Cacao. I refer to it as Cacao to differentiate it from cocoa which is the inactive form.

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