Are you living by your values?

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking recently. About my life. About my business. About my plans for the future.

I had a huge realisation in January, whilst doing some reflecting. Looking at the previous 2 years, setting up my business and how I’ve been working. And realised, I absolutely love what I do, for which I am so grateful!

But I’m so isolated in how I work, being a life coach and Hypnotherapist, apart from working with clients, you tend to work on your own. And this was a new thing for me, and I realised it wasn’t serving my high values.

Of being in an inspiring environment, connection and community. Along with having fun and being playful, really enjoying what I do.

And so I asked myself, if I could coach in any organisation or environment where would it be? And what would my ideal set up to work be? And, if I were to work for any hospital in my medical profession, where would it be. And so I put some feelers out to create my perfect working environment.

And so now I am curating as a wellness consultant at the amazing Morning Gloryville, my most favourite place to be in London! Where I feel my most happy, free and playful. And I am now curating our Holistic Sanctuary there, coaching and inspiring many people.

I also realised I don’t enjoy working on my own so much, so have collaborated with friends who are amazing experts in their fields of coaching, fitness and fashion to form Urban Thrive. Where we will be hosting events, corporate workshops and retreats on living life fully.

And lastly, I decided I wanted to return to my career in anaesthetics and work in the best hospital I know of. With people travelling from all around the world to get access to the best surgeons in the world and with the most advanced practices and innovative procedures such as the new T-cell cancer therapy that eliminates the need for chemotherapy and radiation. And I begin next month! All exciting things!

As I know well, unless the way you are living your life is true to your core values, you won’t be happy.

Your core values are the things that keep you on your path. A light that guides you as you navigate through life. They are a part of you. And they have a huge effect on your motivation and how happy and fulfilled you are in your life.

Ignoring, dismissing or defying your core values leaves you eventually feeling unfulfilled.

Only you know what your core values are. But in the hope that you can begin to define yours and apply them to your life’s plan, I’d like to share mine with you.

My Core Values

1. Always come from a place of gratitude. Fill yourself with love and appreciation for all you have in your life. That you’re alive, that you’re healthy, that you have a roof over your head, that you have fresh, clean water to drink and food to eat. Ensure that you create a life for yourself that inspires such gratitude.

2. Believe in yourself and love yourself unconditionally. Strive to do what you love as much as you can. Surround yourself with people you love, places you love, work you love, things you love – and then watch your life transform in exciting ways!

3. Know your values, what’s important to you and make sure your environment and the people around you align with this. Do not compromise your values for anyone or anything.

4. Be in control of your thoughts. Your thoughts dictate your emotions and how you feel. If your thinking is mostly negative, you’ll feel negative and act negatively. The world around you will become negative. This is because your brain likes to find similarities and problem-solve, so it will give you more negative things to add to the list!

5. Get clear on your beliefs – and reprogram the beliefs that are no longer serving you. These are the thoughts you think often. For example, what do you believe to be true about money? About relationships? About where you “should” be in your life right now? The brain eventually stores these beliefs as memory and banks it as fact. If you do not want it to be so, do not believe it to be so.

6. Only allow in your life habits and routines that are they serving you. Avoid behaviours (such as over-eating, drinking too much, taking drugs, excessive spending etc.) that “numb” you and stop you from feeling and processing valid emotions. Give yourself the opportunity to be truly free.

At first, I loved my medical career. It amazed me and filled me with passion, inspiration and purpose. But, towards the end, I realised that not only were my core values not being satisfied – I was completely ignoring them, and this made me ill.

Seven years ago, I attended a retreat in Guatemala that empowered me to change my life, and I’m so grateful for that experience. I now spend my life doing what I love, travelling around the world running retreats, coaching private clients and sharing the power of cacao at amazing events & festivals. Along with my new changes now. Pure bliss!

I can assure you, there is huge power in honouring your core values. Do you know what yours are?

Spring is here and it’s all about sewing the seeds of what we want to receive in the near future. Use this time well, to ensure you are following your heart and living a life without limits!

All my love,

Lisa x

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