Chocolate Lover’s Gift Box


💕 Chocolate Lover’s gift box = £14.99

*This is vegan, dairy-free pure Chocolate, using only natural sugars to sweeten. Chocolate lover’s gift box. All vegan chocolate from Peru. This makes a beautiful, unique gift for someon


All of the pleasure with none of the guilt!

This product is fully vegan and no refined sugar.

With 2 sachets of raw, organic cacao powder, pot of coconut sugar, 2 bars of Conscious Chocolate, Pukka tea bag, lavender candle, a chocolate face mask and a positive affirmation card. Who says chocolate is bad for you? Not when it’s this chocolate 🙂

You could use your cacao powder to make a tasty hot chocolate drink with your ingredients or use it in a smoothie, baking etc.

**Featured in this box is Conscious Chocolate – I know this chocolate very well and think it is the most delicious healthy, vegan chocolate that there is! It tastes divine!! And they also source their Cacao from Peru – which I believe is why it is so tasty. I love their vision and mission in re-planting a tree for chocolate orders.**

The Pukka tea can be steeped in hot water for a little while and then added to your cacao drink to give a nice sweet taste along with the coconut sugar.

**We are eco-friendly!!**

***We send our Cacao packaged safely in 100% biodegradable bubble wrap and fully recyclable parcel paper ***

Weight 220 g
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Chocolate Lovers Gift BoxChocolate Lover’s Gift Box
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