Reframing Your Fear

This really has been a game changer for me and I’ve also helped many clients through this same process - and it works!

During the summer I was asked to lead a Cacao ceremony that would be filmed for an episode of The Only Way is Essex!

Years ago, that would have filled me with stress at all the ways it could go wrong: What if they laugh at me? What if I forget what to say? What if it doesn’t come across in the way I intend it to, and I’m judged by the ceremonial cacao community…

I’ve always said yes to opportunities, as I know this is how you grow and reach the people I want to help. But in the past, I’ve said yes, then avoided thinking about it until the last minute due to the nerves it created. And sometimes it was like I had to drag myself through it, but with so much resistance! The whole “feel the fear and do it anyway”… well, there used to be a lot of fear to feel!

A while ago though, I realised that wasn’t for me anymore. I didn’t want have to push through all that fear and resistance, I wanted to rise above it and flip the fear or anxiety into excitement, so I could actually enjoy the journey that leads up to it.

I was interviewed and one of my ceremonies filmed for a YouTube channel and I decided to step up to the challenge I’d set myself, to deal with and step away from the fear. To recondition my mind and response at going outside of my comfort zone.

Can anyone relate to this? To not enjoying the notion of “feeling the fear and doing it anyway”. I think we should reframe it to “feel the fear, move through and past it to rise higher”!

When I’ve had opportunities that meant me stepping out of my comfort zone, I’ve worked on reconditioning my mindset, mostly through hypnotherapy but also my cacao meditation work. And I’m so excited to say that I’ve grown so much. In fact, I’ve totally outgrown feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I’m now observing the fear and smashing right through it to the excitement!

I’m sharing this as it’s actually pretty easy to do once you know the process. And now nothing really phases me. I’ve had so many lovely messages of congratulations and encouragement since I appeared on tv, which I’m so very grateful for: thank you!

But one thing I was surprised at was how many people told me they could never do what I did, how brave I was. And it moved me to share this blog, to hopefully inspire more people that it’s just a process of re-wiring your thinking and mindset to align with what you want to achieve.

Since doing this work, I have co-presented on a local TV show, been interviewed by media such as Tatler, Economist and hosted cacao ceremonies over 100 people in really big events.

For TOWIE, I followed my same process of hypnotherapy, reconditioning and visualisation practice and I really stepped up with no nerves at all. I really enjoyed the whole experience from beginning to end and I plan to keep sharing my message and inspire more people of what we can achieve when we choose to.

Which is how it should be! Why drag ourselves through something, tense with anxiety and stress about it, when we could follow a simple process to flip the fear to excitement?!

This really has been a game changer for me and I’ve also helped many clients through this same process – and it works!

To celebrate this amazing opportunity and share my gratitude for all the love and support given, I’m giving away 5 openings on 19th October for a 1-1 session with me to help you create a process you can follow too, to release any fears and self-doubts that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself. Because it’s time to stop hiding away and playing ourselves small! We only have one chance at life, so let’s make it count!!

Are you ready to take the next step and start intentionally going after your dreams? I’m here for you! And here ready to show you how!

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