Who’s on your team?

Having a tribe is really important to me and has inspired me to develop not just one but two communities that I'm so excited to tell you about soon!

Go Lionesses! How wonderful to see England women’s team win the Euros – such a well-deserved victory and satisfying ending to an excellent tournament all-round.

It’s really inspiring for younger women to see how much we can achieve when we aim high and stay consistent with our momentum, especially in a space more commonly thought of as a male-dominated arena.

Recently I’ve had a win of my own: I was approached by the producer of a popular TV show asking me to do a cacao ceremony for them – incredible! It’s a fantastic opportunity for me, however I think that one of the biggest factors to this win was having an amazing community around me.

Community is so key for dreaming big, finding the courage to go after those dreams and then taking consistent action and steps towards achieving those life goals.

Are you a part of a team? Do you have a squad around you who believe in you and support you? Who is encouraging you to aim high and step up? Who holds you accountable for following your dreams?

Having a tribe is really important to me and has inspired me to develop not just one but two communities that I’m so excited to tell you about soon!

But first… If I haven’t already convinced you, here are five reasons why being part of a team helps you live from your highest potential.

1. No person is an island. Human beings weren’t meant to do things on their own – our earliest ancestors all lived in tribes, which represented safety and survival in the face of brutal living conditions and the constant danger of attacks from wild animals or other tribes. Even now, millions of years later, our brains still crave the support of a group and we’re stronger that way than if we try to go it alone.

2. You get back what you give. Being part of a community connects you to your higher self in so many ways, particularly in terms of what we can give to others. Think about Karma – what goes around comes around – so being part of a group where you can help others will always come back to you in the best ways possible.

3. Two (or more!) heads are better than one. Think about the last time you had to solve a problem – did you try and work it all out by yourself or did you ask someone for help or advice? Sometimes it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees and having someone (or multiple someones) to talk to can offer perspectives that you might not have previously considered.

4. We all need cheerleaders. Even when we know how capable we are, self-doubt (or Imposter Syndrome) can creep in and make us doubt our own abilities. Having a team on your side to drown out your own negative self-talk can only ever make us stronger.

5. One is the loneliest number. Post-pandemic, the number of people saying they felt lonely has risen to alarming levels. From increased levels of distress to a reduced sense of being able to connect with others, the negative impact of loneliness on mental health should never be underestimated. Connecting with others gives you a powerful emotional boost and will help you live your best life.

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