Through my Amor Cacao ceremonies, visioning workshops, coaching programs and Transformation Retreats I have had the pleasure of working with so many amazing women! Women of all ages, backgrounds and stages in their lives who chose to want more from their lives. Who decided they wanted to be the best version of themselves and live a more fulfilled and happy life. And chose to work with me to coach and assist them in achieving this and I have witnessed so many amazing transformations. And some huge shifts that it has been truly inspiring to be a part of.


“I met Lisa in the Glastonbury healing fields in 2017 and ended up doing my first cacao meditation session which changed my life forever! I then went to one of Lisa’s Ibiza retreats and again, it blew my mind. Prior to this, I’d never meditated in my life and the only thing I knew about cacao was that it was delicious in Dairy Milk. I was intrigued and thought why not. Glastonbury is about the experience and what better experience to have?

I was blown away. It was such a powerful experience, both at Glastonbury and the retreat was a huge turning point for me in my life. So powerful that it made me realise that sometimes if we open our minds and our hearts to try something new, either out of curiosity or desperation, then we might just find that life changing moment .

Lisa Fearon is the wonderful lady who changed my life, who helped me discover the root cause of the health issues I was working on, along with building up my confidence to leave my job I wasn’t happy in and start up my own business. She will help you find out what your blocks are or why you self-sabotage, and what you can do about it.

Everyone deserves a chance to change their life. It might be painful but my god will it be worth it.”


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Working with me, my clients are able to explore what really sets them alive, what they’re passionate about, what they feel is missing in their lives, and what they want more of! Along with truly appreciating, or accepting and learning from what is happening in the present. I have a unique process I work with to help you find deeper meaning and life fulfilment. To really live the life you want, feel enriched and alive with the prospect of being a masterful creator and really excel in your life.
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