Chocolate- facilitated Life coaching!

I am a Life Coach working with Ceremonial cacao to enhance my clients journeys- helping them to reconnect to their vision and sense of purpose following my unique process that I have designed. The people I work with have a burning desire to create and achieve something amazing and have a positive impact on the world around them. But are held back and at times blocked through old patterns and limiting beliefs and so not reaching the full success that they really want.

Following a process I underwent myself, along with a range of coaching models and techniques to allow you to reach deep levels of self exploration and awareness very similar to that of hypnosis. Allowing you to connect to your sub-conscious through a guided meditation I take you through – which connects you to realise unconscious behaviours, habits, patterns and beliefs that are controlling you that you wouldn’t realise at a conscious level. This is phenomenal work! And a unique coaching style that you wont have seen before!

I have seen some amazing breakthroughs within my workshops and 1-1 work using this process – along with some exciting shifts in perception building clarity of vision and completely blowing up limiting beliefs through powerful realisations that can be gained through insights and inner wisdom coming through.

My work with cacao came from discovering it in Guatemala on my travels through south and central America. Where I worked with many shamans, healers and world – renowned teachers and realised how powerful cacao is, not only in a healing capacity but also as a heart – opener and way to connect to your inner self, your true self.

It pushes past all our stuff, all our pretence, disbelief and filters we’ve developed to see what it is that we really want.

Our purpose.

And that is why I use cacao with my clients to help them connect deeply within themselves to re – discover what it is that makes them spark, ignites excitement in them. The thing that inspires and motivates them to wake each morning raring to go! That we all have inside of us. Our big story that we are passionate about- that makes us feel alive to share. I want to help people find that passion within themselves to really grab hold of their life and make it what they want. Life is so precious and if you’re not careful it will pass you by so quickly.

My mantra is to live life to its fullest- and know that anything is possible- create the life you want now as the worst thing ever in life is to look back at the end of it with regrets. That will never happen for me- I now know my power and it’s my job to help others know theirs!

I work with a range of clients as a life coach, from busy, overwhelmed women looking to move out of the corporate world, to successful entrepreneurs making their dream and vision a reality , to health and fitness goals to working with artists within the music and performance industry. All achieving big shifts and changing their lives in massive ways following the same coaching process that I work with.

My Cacao business ranges from client work, to markets, festivals, events, sober raves including the worldwide growing phenomenon Morning Gloryville. We work with Cacao to create an amazing immersive experience that initiates change on so many levels. To facilitate deeper Yoga experience, meditation, cacao creative visioning workshops, and soon to follow corporate wellness programmes. #amorcacao

Coming up in February, Amor Cacao retreats open the door to THE immersive experience- and we invite you to an amazing Transformational Cacao, coaching,

yoga and meditation retreat that I am bringing to the home of our Mayan Ceremonial cacao, to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Very exciting times! And what is the most exciting thing about it, is how I’m able to give back to the community where I get my Cacao from. Where it all began, where I healed myself completely naturally from a condition doctors told me could end up having me in a wheelchair!

Every year we will also be taking small groups of people on their own healing journey’s to the sacred Mayan lands of Guatemala, guiding them through an amazing powerful journey that will change their lives in phenomenal ways! And connecting them with some of the best healers and teachers from around the world, including with the oldest, most powerful traditional healing of the last of the Mayan people!

For more about this retreat, my coaching programs and workshops click on the relevant tab on the homepage. Or even better – get in touch for a chat about how we can work together!

With love,

Lisa x

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