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Recently I was asked by the amazing artist and humanitarian activist Dashni Morad if I would share my life story with her followers on Instagram. I was honoured to be interviewed by her for #femalevoicesoftheworld.

I thought it might be inspiring to share it as a blog here too 💗 If it does inspire you, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

I have been a life coach now for 3 years and I work with women who have a burning desire to make an impact and positive change in the world. Whether through business, expression, motivational leadership, science, art, music – anything with the vision to inspire, provoke thought and have an impact on moving people to transform their own lives. 

I specialise in radical transformation, using mindset techniques, positive psychology and hypnotherapy. I work with clients individually, in my Cacao Visioning workshops and immersive worldwide Transformation retreats. I have designed a unique, powerful process following my 7 steps to Transformation which is a huge success with all my clients. I’m proud and honoured to say that every client I have worked 1-1 with have had huge shifts and success in their life following working with me! And this is because I used the same techniques and steps in my own personal transformation, along with my avid belief that no matter what, we have the power to change our lives and the world around us.

As Walt Disney famously said “If you can think it, you can do it.” Have you ever been told ‘it’s not possible’ or ‘it can’t be done’ and felt that spark of going for it regardless? It takes a deep inner strength and sense of self and purpose to go ‘Against all odds’ like that. And that’s what I believe the world needs more of to make it a better place! My passion to work with women to go against all odds in going for, and achieving their dreams has been inspired by various events in my own life. Being a mixed race child, being brought up by a single parent, being a part of a strict, controlling religion that I didn’t resonate with all had a huge influence on who I am today.  And then at 21 I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition which left me in bed for days on end, unable to move and in excruciating pain and chronic fatigue. At one point, I was on many pain killers, which included morphine, muscle relaxants and sleeping tablets. I was told to stop chasing miracle cures, that I had to accept how I now was and was told by pain consultants and specialists that I had to stop being so active, that I wasn’t the person I was before and if I continued I could end up in a wheelchair.

My GP had said with certainty that I wouldn’t be able to cope with the physical demands of the career I was about to pursue and to look for something less challenging. Up until this, I was a high performing athlete, physically fit – captain of my football and basketball teams, playing sports daily. There were 2 huge turning points that were game-changers for me back then. One was a day when the pain was so bad, and I hadn’t slept for a while, I lost all hope and felt like I wanted to give up. I felt if this was how my life was going to be, being numbed by drugs but still feeling pain, restricted to my bed most of the time was not life to me. 

The other turning point was when I first started my surgical training and saw my first heart operation, a cardiac bypass graft and it totally blew me away. Seeing the heart being stopped in order to operate, the lungs collapse and all being taken over by a big machine – to see inside a human body at how intricately designed it all is, how everything plays its part so specifically and in total harmony with everything else – really inspired me. How we are all each walking miracles of life. 

Experiencing that made me realise without a doubt, that we all hold a purpose – a reason why we were created. And yes, that we are created – by a very powerful and loving creator. And we hold that power within us, the power to create and to manifest. This is what I connect to every day, giving thanks and gratitude for everything each morning and evening. Starting every day with my empowering morning routine to align myself with my vision and my goals.

To ensure all that I do is coming from inspired action. Fuelled by the lessons and learnings from my past and my desire to create the best future, for myself, those I love and the world around me. Remind yourself everyday of why you are here, that you have a purpose, visualise what you want to create and achieve in your life. 


This is a powerful practise that is life-changing! And say positive affirmations to yourself – programming into your mind what you want to think and believe. 

And ask for help and guidance, with thanks for what will come as if it is already there.

Eat natural food to give you the best energy, exercise and meditate – and your life will change in amazing ways! 

I went against all odds when I began my career as a surgical and anaesthetic specialist, and now 16 years on, I have worked with the world’s leading consultants performing many life-saving procedures. I spent the most part of my career putting people to sleep for a living, and now it is my mission to wake people up! The most powerful thing in this world, I believe, is the hope of the human spirit shining and exceeding against all odds. It shifts beliefs of what is possible on a large scale and literally lifts people’s hopes and creates evolutionary steps in humanity. Examples of this being, Sir Roger Bannister breaking the 4 min mile that was believed to be impossible, and straight after more people then being able to do the same. 

Rosa Parks standing up for what she believed to be right and Emmeline Pakhurst who fought for women’s right to vote.

I typically work with women to fully realise and step into their power and potential. To come from a place of self-acceptance and self love. As a woman in a very male dominated field, I used to have to continually prove my worth as a medical professional, I had regularly experienced less qualified male colleagues get promoted over me, and I allowed it to break down my confidence and self belief.

It is time to change this inequality between men and women. We are in exciting times where even in the most controlling of places, more and more women are standing up to be heard. 

Together, we have all the tools, knowledge and power within us that demands to be heard, understood and respected.

What would you do differently if you knew you had all of the options available to you? 

With love,

Lisa x

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