Cacao Ceremony Gift Box


Cacao gift box. Featuring delicious Ceremonial Cacao from Peruvian Amazon. This makes a beautiful, unique gift for someone. Everything you need to enjoy your own Cacao ceremony at home! This product is fully vegan. With a 250g bag of Ceremonial Cacao, pots of coconut sugar and cinnamon spices. A bar of Conscious Chocolate, Pukka love tea bag to flavour your Cacao drink. And then to create your meditation setting – a rose quartz crystal, lavender candles, frankincense and a positive affirmation card.

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*There is also a recipe card and instructions on how to make the most delicious Ceremonial Cacao. With a link to a guided meditation that you can enjoy with your Cacao.

Everything you need for your blissful, inspirational home Cacao Ceremony.

**I feature Frankincense as it amplifies your ceremony experience! Also featured is Conscious Chocolate – I know this chocolate very well and think it is the most delicious healthy, vegan chocolate that there is! It tastes divine!! And they also source their Cacao from Peru – which I believe is why it is so tasty. I love their vision and mission in re-planting a tree for chocolate orders.

**The Pukka tea can be steeped in hot water for a little while and then added to your cacao drink to give a nice sweet taste along with the coconut sugar.

This is high grade Ceremonial Cacao from Peru, grown following the agroforestry methods to maintain sustainability and replenish the forest. Our Cacao comes from the farming collectives in the high Amazonian forests.


This gift box includes a Cacao ceremony gift certificate (with 6 month availability for an open Cacao ceremony). ** My Cacao ceremony alone is priced at £35, so this is a great offer!**


Upon purchasing this Cacao gift box, you will recieve a link to a free guided meditation to follow to begin your cacao experience and a video sharing how to make your delicious Ceremonial Cacao drink.


**We are eco-friendly!!*****We send our Cacao packaged safely in 100% biodegradable bubble wrap and fully recyclable wrapping paper.

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Cacao Ceremony Gift Box
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