Reflections in the midst of the pandemic…

It’s been a time of reflections for me, as I’ve been looking back over the last 6 months and evaluating the teachings and lessons that I’ve taken away from this so far. Including how I can be of the most service in my life – to make the most positive impact in the world that I can, without running myself into the ground. Which has been the biggest lesson for me – in how my return to working for the NHS through the pandemic really took it’s toll on me and left me not in a good way.

I have had over 3 weeks off now to rest and recover and in this time have done some deep reflecting and reviewing over my life and how I want help people whilst also looking after myself in the best way. I have missed coaching and working with clients 1-1 and especially working with groups on my retreats – creating transformational programs and experiences to inspire breakthroughs. Shifting old restrictive thinking, limiting beliefs, mindset and perspectives in life-changing ways

I’ve been thinking about how I can be of service and offer value to clients, friends and those around me who are finding this upheaval challenging. Whatever your situation is. So many people face redundancy, being stuck on furlough has created huge limbo, those working from home and losing motivation, or struggling with the anxiety of so much uncertainty, the fear of losing a loved one, or getting ill yourself. There’s so much going on right now, it’s not surprising to feel some element of overwhelm, stress or anxiety. Along with it all triggering off old negative thinking, distraction methods and self destructive behaviours.

I shared a post on Facebook the other day about my reflections reviewing over the last 6 months for me, and the effect I observed it have on me and felt inspired to share it here too, it’s such a healing process to really go deep and reflect the impact situations have on you. I would massively recommend everyone do it, as a cathartic release, but also in the writing about it, we realise so much about ourselves including how we’ve grown and developed through the experiences. I write this too, in the hope that it may encourage, reassure or inspire anyone else reading it, who thought they had their shit together, but fell apart somewhat with all this too.

I decided to pause my coaching business and return to work in anaesthetics, helping the NHS through the pandemic – which was massively challenging on many levels. Returning to full time work in hospitals, working for an organisation and losing my freedom being my own boss, working crazy hours in a highly stressful environment and forgetting just how thankless working in that profession is. And then the fear and uncertainty over what to expect in a worldwide pandemic. Moving from Birmingham back to London on the day it was announced to be in lockdown was one of the most fearful days I’ve ever experienced. The feeling of not knowing what to expect, and the natural tendency to fear the worst. I had to move out in a rush, in order to make sure I’d be in London before it ‘closed’ (can you remember how strange a concept that the whole country, well the world was going to be locked down?!)

So not only was I moving to a new place in the middle of all this, but also returning to be working on the ‘Frontline’ in the NHS. I had been given reports as to how bad it was in Italy and New York with patients dying in huge numbers inconceivable – the building of the Nightingale hospitals and the high probability that I would be assigned to work there played on my mind. This was the first point where I really had to stop myself, catch old ways of reacting/ over-thinking and rewire how I respond.

Thankfully I had 2 weeks before I was due to start at my new hospital -so stayed with my close friend Jo in her apartment and we spent the whole time in deep spiritual practice. By which I mean having a strong morning routine of yoga, meditation, positive psychology with visualisation and affirmation practise, journaling, reading and watching uplifting documentaries, talks and speeches. And on the evenings watching funny shows and comedies whilst enjoying a good red wine and wholesome food.

Literally a fortnight of feeding myself with all the ingredients required for pure positive mental attitude, but more then that – it allowed me to redirect my automatic thinking tendency from the default fear triggered worries and worst case scenario projections to equipping myself to develop a strong core of inner strength and self certainty that I began to naturally go to the more positive perspectives.

Dr Joe Dispenza calls this rewiring the mind. When we think the same thought over and over we create neural pathways in the brain that reinforce that way of thinking – making it our default programs. I knew that by doing this for those 2 weeks – I was able to harness the power of my mind so much, I remained calm and balanced in the most stressful of times. I was able to control my inner world so I could choose how I would respond to situations around me so as to not be so reactive.

I am so, so grateful to say that the best case scenario did occur – that I wasn’t re-deployed into the Nightingale ITU to look after Covid patients, (which would have been my worst nightmare) but was kept working in my anaesthetic speciality with one of London’s only Covid-free hospitals responsible for all the NHS critical surgery lists. It was full on work, and I had to hit the ground running in 2 new hospitals – working really crazy hours. And the scariest part at times was actually the commute to and from work. Where I didn’t have the full PPE and felt really exposed to this ‘deadly virus’ the rest of the country were shielding from. I’ll never forget how eerie it used to be getting the tube each morning and being the only one on the whole platform on Baker Street changing trains, where it would usually be chaotic and a lot of times the only one in the whole carriage too. Everyday leaving work our boss telling us to be careful and wishing us a safe journey home.

Unfortunately, the pressure of that took it’s toll, the crazy hours and stressful environment totally wore me out. For the first few months I came home totally exhausted every day. Some days going straight to my bed with fatigue, some days in tears, fed up, missing my family and home. And just normality. Living on my own, with no family around me and no ‘bubble’ when that was allowed really affected me at times. It was a really interesting self observation of how much I need and enjoy connection, closeness with people and having people around me that I love, despite how much I enjoy my own space and time alone. And I know there were many people like me, going through the same thing.

Again, I feel very grateful that at the same time, I manifested living in a co-living space, which is like serviced apartments with many huge communal areas, so I was able to go out on the terrace in the sun after work, work from the co-working office, watch films in our cinema, read in the library and take part in lots of online events. All of which gave me variety, an outlet from work and kept me sane.

But allowing my work environment to have that impact on me led me to get more and more tired and last month I ended up getting really ill with extreme fatigue and old Fibromyalgia symptoms returned. For anyone that knows me, knows that this is a big achievement in my life, that I’m proud of and so grateful for – that I overcame this debilitating condition 8 years ago. Against all odds, despite Doctors saying It wasn’t possible and that I could end up in a wheelchair should I continue to be so active. However last month I started feeling it slowly come back again.

I’m sharing this with you, as that backslide really opened my eyes and led me to a huge breakthrough in realising how important and powerful the daily routine and rituals I’ve been teaching my clients and on my retreats for years, and using myself the whole time I was working as a life coach and had the time to do, before returning to medicine. And how focusing on them in those 2 weeks really equipped me to withstands huge amounts of pressure and rise above it. And so, these last few weeks I’ve been off work to recover – I’ve incorporated them again, and again have come back into balance, regained my energy, motivation and drive to inspire. Which if I’m honest, I haven’t felt in months. I feel this has been a reminder of how powerful they are, and how important it is to always make time for them, no matter how busy that you are – in order to stay fit, healthy and happy.

I feel really guided to share these routines, tools and techniques that have really helped me in so many ways. Helped me to deal with large amounts of pressure, stress and negativity within that environment. So it didn’t affect me in the same way. For anyone who has been feeling the negative impact of all the negative news recently. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or dealing with anxiety of whatever level – and that may be over thinking, not sleeping well or feeling stuck and lack of motivation – I would love to help you through that.

We need more of us to step into our power right now. More of us to do what we love, come from a place of overflowing with love, inspiration and to share with others – rippling out that energy. Right now more then ever.

And so I’ve felt guided to offer 2 things to help with this. Which aren’t my usual coaching areas or ways of coaching but I’ve felt that it’s really needed. And I’d love to offer you a space to join me on this.

The first is a coaching zoom sharing quick but powerful ways to overcome low emotions, stress, anxiety, overthinking and negative thinking. It’s going to be a fun, interesting and interactive zoom which is guaranteed to leave you feeling more uplifted, motivated and positive. And with tools and methods that will help you change the way you think and deal with stressful and challenging situations. To shift you from over thinking, feeling down, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed to feeling more free, uplifted, positive, calm and balanced.

This session will be on zoom and fee is £15 and to make it available to anyone that needs this, I am offering for anyone that books onto this zoom that you can bring a friend for free

Which is a chance to reach out to someone you know who might really need this right now.

In the zoom you will…

* Learn easy, quick ways to re-adjust and realign your energy.

* Learn how to bring yourself back to balance /to a calm state of mind.

* Be given a simple daily practice which will raise your vibration, harmonise your inner world, mindset and emotional state to keep in balance and feeling good.

My second offering is a 4 week coaching package to bring you Alignment and Balance. Something a lot of friends, clients and clients have been saying they really need right now. And in order to serve as many people that need this, I am also offering this especially to friends and clients as a way to pay it forward and spread the love – By booking your space on this training by 6th October, you get a free place for a friend of your choice.

This will be 4 weeks following my amazing Alignment framework. Shifting you from feeling down, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed to feeling more free, more uplifted, more positive, more calm and much more balanced.

A fun, interactive 4 weeks sure to leave you feeling more uplifted, motivated and positive.

* 1 group hypnotherapy session on Balance and Alignment

* 3 group coaching sessions

* Alignment workbook

* Daily Alignment rituals – How to start and end your day in the best way

* Motivation toolbox

* Self healing tools

* Meditation playlist

* Stress management /relaxation tools

* Resources package

* Empowering self talk/affirmations scripts/ recordings

* ‘Emergency Go-to’ self-care package​

+ a Special bonus 4 week completion gift!

This will be a really beautiful, empowering journey that you can share together with someone special.

If you have any questions about either of these offers, or would like to chat about how we can work together in my usual coaching programs, reply to this and we’ll set up a time to talk.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

With love,

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